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During the course of each year, specially selected hunters flock to Perry and surrounding counties to participate in the state lottery ELK HUNT. For more information about the elk hunt, please visit the website of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at  


One public hunting area for Perry County is Robinson Forrest, owned by the University of Kentucky, which connects to Breathitt, and Knott counties and encompasses approximately 12,304 acres; Robinson Forest is located east of Jackson and Clayhole. Head east of Clayhole on 476 about 8 miles, and turn on Little Buckhorn Road and the county line.
(606) 878-9595.


All Terrain Elk Tours

606-436-2635 or 606-233-7470

Provided by Danny Combs, 18354 KY Hwy 476, Hazard, Ky. 41701

Elk tours at their finest. Each tour personalized just for you. Get closer to the elk than you ever thought possible!

Old Mill Marina Outfitters

(207) 444-7529

Old Mill Marina is the exclusive outfitter on about 200,000 acres of some of the best Eastern Kentucky elk, deer, and turkey habitat. The property is managed with a view to producing trophy class animals. Old Mill Marina's main focus is elk and providing an extra-ordinary outdoor adventure.





Rack Reapers
 Kris Hall 606-438-0213



* Hazard Perry County Tourism does not endorse hunting and fishing guide services. Listings are provided as resource only. To be listed, please contact us. 

Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park



Hikers can explore the natural beauty and resources of Buckhorn Lake with a stroll along a 1.5 mile, self-guiding, easy walking trail. And the opportunities for mountain hiking are limitless


Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park offers two trails for your hiking enjoyment.


Moonshine Trail

1 mile—is a self-guided interpretive trail for which a brochure describing a variety of plant life and natural land is provided at the front desk of the Lodge. 


An Interpretative Hiking Trail is available at Buckhorn Lake Dam site at Tailwater Recreation Area. 

Perry Park Hiking Trails

Check out the new

Ben Braman Hiking & Walking Trails 

at the Perry County Park.

You may enter the trails at the

red roofed Kiosk in  the fence

below the softball field

or at the horse ring.

Over seven miles of trails are designed for all  levels of hiking experience.






Tap on the MAP to download

a copy of the 


for you to review or to print!

"Thank You"


for the use of this informative map! 

Hope you will be inspired to come HIKE, SHOP & EAT

when visiting our area!




Walking Tour

Pathfinders teamed up with a class of 7th-8th grade social studies students from A.B. Combs Elementary, to develop a walking tour by interviewing residents about the history of downtown Hazard. They met with Martha Quigley, Perry County Museum Director, to look at archives and artifacts available at the museum.


Brochures are available at the Hazard City Hall, the Hazard Perry County Tourism Board, and many local banks and businesses.

 Nature Trail

at Hazard High School

In response to a large amount of flooding, Pathfinders developed a wetland pond adjacent to the outdoor science lab at Hazard High School. Pathfinders also worked with the local Boy Scout Troop to improve the nature trail on the campus of Hazard High School.


The trail is adjacent to the school's main building and is accessible by way of a small bridge. The trail winds through hardwood forest, is moderately strenuous and is approximately one mile long and being expanded.

The Little Daisy 

School Trail

The newest trail, open to the public, in the Perry County Trail System is located at the Battle of Leatherwood 

site at Cornettsville.  

The Little Daisy School

House Trail 

offers walkers and hikers,

of all ages, an opportunity

to enjoy the outdoors! 

Parking is available at the Fire House. 






Buckhorn Lake Wildlife Management Area


Hunting is permitted in the Buckhorn Lake Wildlife Management Area as well as outside recreation and operations areas on the project. There is a large supply of rabbit, squirrel, turkey and deer to be hunted on the project. Non-commercial trapping, archery and black powder hunting are gaining popularity at the lake. Buckhorn Lake provides visitors many opportunities to see and experience native wildlife of southeastern Kentucky.


An Interpretative Hiking Trail is available at Buckhorn Lake Dam site. A Hiking Trail is available at Tailwater Recreation Area.

  • Campground, Boat Launch and Horse Riding Trails

  • Buckhorn Tailwater Campground, Buckhorn, features camping sites with water and electrical hook ups, as well as primitive camping sites, too! 

North Fork River Trail

is an almost five-mile trip down the North Fork by kayak, float, raft or boat. Enjoy fishing, wildlife and scenic views.



The TransAmerica Bike Route (USBR76)

travels thorough the northern part of Perry County, starting at Morris Fork on KY 28 near Buckhorn.

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